Excellent quality Rice, Fresh Drumstick, Fresh Organic Banana, Groundnut Peanut, Bold Peanuts, Indian Spices, Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetables right at your doorsteps.

About Us

Eating healthy food is crucial to maintaining optimum health. Keeping diseases like flu and cold at bay, their quick recovery or even controlling deadly ailments is very much dependent on the daily diet one takes. Our company, Patel Export Industries, works on three principles, which are, giving each and everyone access to wholesome food, encouraging good eating style & habits, and helping everyone enjoy a disease free life. With this goal, we bring forth fresh edibles like Concentrate Mango Pulp, Fresh Drumstick, Fresh Organic Banana, Yellow Corn, Cumin Seed And Powder, Tomato Pulp and Sambhar Onion. We ensure our range complies with stringent food safety standards and is duly tested on all norms prior to delivery, worldwide. With specialist expertise as a manufacturer and exporter, we make sure our products match global consumer trends and are delivered with quality and timely delivery assurance. We also work as an importer, sourcing items like Cattle Feed in bulk from the markets of Brazil, USA, South Africa and Iran.

Our Team

We are empowered by an exceptionally skilled and trained team that boasts of specialised skills in every facet of our business. This adroit and adaptable workforce plays a key role in the attainment of all our organizational goals. With their product development, packaging, product stocking and marketing efforts, they remain quick at responding to buyer demands around the world for our in-house manufactured and exported items. Bulk of our offerings, almost 80% are exported, which is why our experts work to ensure our items can compete more effectively with products offered by leading manufacturers and producers of other countries.

Why Us?

Our capabilities and expertise get reinforced by our client list. We have customers placing repeat orders from every corner of the globe. Reasons why we have managed to successfully market our edibles like Concentrate Mango Pulp, Sambhar Onion, Cumin Seed And Powder, etc., in various markets are:

  • We work within the food safety norms and compliance framework while conducting all business operations
  • We keep our commitment to business integrity and full product traceability
  • We remain vigilant, flexible and work hard to meet buyer demands for various edible items
  • We adopt excellent packaging processes to retain quality and value in each item that we offer
  • We manage world-class transport and product distribution channels as a part of our global product supply chain, further facilitating expeditious order deliveries
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